Monthly Archives: June 2012

Massachusetts Leaders Say Opportunity for Clean-Energy Investments Is Now

By Rona Cohen

Across the country, record-low natural gas prices have raised questions among some policymakers about the wisdom of promoting solar and wind energy, which are still dependent on public support to attract private investment, despite exponential growth in recent years. But Massachusetts officials say now is precisely the time for government to ramp up funding for renewables, given their critical role in diversifying the region’s energy mix, lowering emissions and serving as a hedge against future price shocks. Continue reading

New England’s Natural Gas Supply Uncertain, Absent New Pipeline Infrastructure, Experts Say

About two years ago, regional energy experts were touting the advent of plentiful and cheaper natural gas in New England, thanks to a concurrence of events — technological developments enabling shale-gas extraction, expanded pipeline capacity for supplies from western Canada, and new liquid natural gas (LNG) terminals in the northeastern U.S. and Canada. Continue reading

EPA Region 2: Environmental Commissioners Address Common Issues, Challenges

At first glance, members of the U.S. EPA’s Region 2 – New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands – seem like a set of strange bedfellows.  “It’s as if we have three regions in one: two states, the Caribbean islands and New York City,” said Judith A. Enck, Region 2’s administrator, at its recent biennial conference. Continue reading