Monthly Archives: November 2012

New England’s Support for Distributed Generation and the Electricity Grid of the Future

As multiple states stagger under the effects of superstorm Sandy, and many Northeasterners vividly recall Tropical Storms Irene and Lee and the freak October blizzard of 2011, prolonged power outages are among the most challenging repercussions for those in afflicted areas. One type of protection against widespread outages can be offered by a less centralized grid, with distributed generation of electricity providing localized power resources that could ride out a storm more successfully. Continue reading

Stakeholders, Experts Weigh in as RGGI Undertakes a Program Review

Despite the absence of a federal policy to restrict emissions of the greenhouse gases that fuel climate change, a number of U.S. states and Canadian provinces have rolled out programs to achieve this goal.  Among such efforts, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a market-based cap-and-trade auction system launched in late 2008 by ten Northeastern states, is the North American pioneer.[1] Continue reading