Monthly Archives: December 2012

New Jersey Officials Examine the Costs and Benefits of Storm Preparedness

NJ hearing photoAs the process of assessing the scope of damages from Superstorm Sandy moves forward, one of the confounding issues for policymakers and emergency responders is the sheer level of uncertainty inherent in even the best-informed efforts to safeguard critical infrastructure from damages. Continue reading

Superstorm Sandy’s Impacts and Implications for the Northeast

Since being pummeled by what climatologists are calling a one in multi-century event, the New York-New Jersey area has been the site of many programs analyzing Superstorm Sandy’s causes, effects and policy implications. Central to the presentations and discussions has been the question of Sandy’s significance for the future.  If what we now consider a rarity becomes more frequent in the future, what should state and local governments do to protect lives, infrastructure, and their economic health from extreme weather events? Continue reading