Monthly Archives: January 2013

New York Assembly Hearing Explores Steps to Lessen the Environmental Impact of Severe Weather

Recognizing that Superstorm Sandy is “only the most recent example of extreme weather events,” the New York State Assembly’s Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation sought expert testimony about actions that might mitigate the factors contributing to a changing climate and the impacts caused by such alternations. Continue reading

New York Gov. Cuomo Calls for Infrastructure Hardening, Action on Climate Change

In his State of the State Address on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for a series of measures to safeguard New York’s infrastructure during future severe weather events and adapt to a changing climate. Continue reading

Severe Weather Prompts Utilities to Revamp Preparedness, Recovery Planning

As New York, New Jersey and neighboring states continue the arduous process of rebuilding from Superstorm Sandy, there is a growing acknowledgment among the public that the near future could bring more extreme events. Amid this new landscape, utilities have come under increasing pressure to respond faster to the extended power outages that have occurred after Sandy and other recent severe storms. Continue reading