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California Sinks $15 million into Green Transportation

California has once again given a substantial boost to the development of advanced biofuels and electric vehicles. The state’s Energy Commission today announced that it will award more than $15 million for projects ranging from artificial photosynthesis to vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies. Continue reading

California Awards $800,000 to Pave the Way for Electric Vehicles

This week, the California Energy Commission announced four grants totaling $800,000 aimed at helping communities from Sacramento to San Diego forge an electric-vehicle (EV) infrastructure. Continue reading


The U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico Welcome Electric Vehicles

As a recent documentary would have it, 2011 is the dawn of The Revenge of the Electric Car, the flip side of its apparent demise eight years ago, when General Motors closed down a pilot leasing program for the automaker’s … Continue reading