Repowering the Northeast: 50th Annual Meeting and Regional Policy Forum

Repowering the Northeast: 50th Annual Meeting and regional Policy Forum

August 15 – 18, 2010
Portland, Maine

Advancing the Clean Energy Economy in the Northeast (August 16)

This session explored recent efforts to accelerate regional clean-energy projects that offer significant opportunities for generating economic growth, including a project to harness the vast offshore wind resources in the Gulf of Maine. Speakers also discussed strategies for ensuring the development of a transmission infrastructure that fosters clean-energy investments in the region.


Senator Philip L. Bartlett, ME
CSG/ERC Co-Chair


Dr. Habib Dagher, Director, AEWC Advanced Structures and Composite Laboratory, University of Maine  (presentation to be posted)

Gordon van Welie, President and CEO, ISO New England
Operating the Power System, Administering Wholesale Electric Markets and Planning for the Future

David P. Littell, Commissioner, Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Adapting Environmental Protection and Energy Resources to 21st Century Climate Challenges

Paul Hibbard, Vice President, Analysis Group, Inc.
Renewables in the Northeast:  Local Opportunities, National Context


Session addressing the benefits that electric vehicles (EVs) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services could offer, and the policies/best practices that would encourage the use of EVs for integrating renewable energy and helping to make the electric grid more efficient and reliable


Representative Matt Patrick, MA
Co-Chair, CSG/ERC Energy and Environment Committee

Representative Chris Ross, PA
Co-Chair, CSG/ERC Energy and Environment Committee


Eleanor Saunders, Research Associate, CSG/ERC Energy and Environment Program
What Do Electric Vehicles Offer Us?

Rona Cohen, Senior Policy Analyst, CSG/ERC Energy and Environment Program
Transitioning to an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure:  Some Considerations for Policymakers

MNA Stephane Billette, QC, Member CSG/ERC Energy and Environment Committee
Quebec and Electric Vehicles

Ken Huber, Senior Technology and Education Principal, PJM Interconnection
EV Infrastructure

Andy Chu, Ph.D., Vice President of Marketing and Communications, A123 Systems
Vehicle-to Grid: Perspective from a Battery Manufacturer

Watson Collins, Manager of Business Development, Northeast Utilities
The Case for Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Delivering the Promise of Energy Efficiency: Creative Strategies for Lowering Energy Costs and Creating Jobs (August 17)

Panelists discussed innovative state and municipal policies that hold the potential to catalyze energy-efficiency gains in residential and commercial buildings, and serve as an engine of job creation. A portion of the discussion focused on: 1) efforts underway in many states and municipalities to implement Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing (PACE), and recent challenges presented by federal regulators; and 2) plans to expand on-bill financing programs to residential and commercial customers throughout the Northeast.


Representative Jon Hinck, ME
Chair, Utilities and Energy Committee


Daniel Sosland, Executive Director, Environment Northeast
Strategies for Lowering Costs and Creating Jobs

Dorian Dale, Energy Director & Sustainability Officer, Town of Babylon, New York
The Babylon Project:  Building Green Homes, Green Jobs and Green Communities

Thomas B. Federle, Founder, Maine Green Energy Alliance
Maine’s Experience with Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and Energy-Efficency and Conservation Block Grants (no slides available)

William Codner, Finance Program Manager, National Grid
National Grid: On-Bill Financing, On-Bill Repayment Overview