2012 Annual Meeting Interviews, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Interview: MLA Andrew Younger, Nova Scotia

During the 2012 Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, Nova Scotia MLA  Andrew Younger took a few minutes to chat with us about energy policy in the province, including plans to retire coal plants and promote efficiency, issues surrounding onshore natural-gas drilling, and the promise offered by new tidal-power technologies.

Interview: New Jersey Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula

During the 2012 CSG/ERC Annual Meeting in Atlantic City on July 21, Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula discussed why renewable-energy technologies are essential to creating a balanced energy mix for New Jersey.

Interview: Massachusetts Senator Marc Pacheco

During the 2012 CSG/ERC  Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, Massachusetts Senator Marc Pacheco explained how a suite of recently enacted laws is accelerating the state’s clean-energy economy. 

Interview: Delaware Representative John Kowalko

On the sidelines of the 2012 CSG/ERC Annual Meeting, Delaware House Energy Chair John Kowalko told us how clean-energy development is contributing to job growth in his state.