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College of Staten Island Hosts a “Serious Conversation” about the Borough’s Post-Sandy Future

Staten Island Zoning VariancesSuperstorm Sandy unleashed a powerful assault on Staten Island in late October. The island’s position in New York Harbor at the Narrows — where waters from the large Lower Bay funnel into the small Upper Bay — along with the storm’s westward shift at landfall focused Sandy’s energy on its southeastern shore. Communities such as New Dorp, Midland Beach and Oakwood Beach were battered by the storm surge, which also coincided with high tide. Continue reading

New York Assembly Hearing Explores Steps to Lessen the Environmental Impact of Severe Weather

Recognizing that Superstorm Sandy is “only the most recent example of extreme weather events,” the New York State Assembly’s Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation sought expert testimony about actions that might mitigate the factors contributing to a changing climate and the impacts caused by such alternations. Continue reading

New York Gov. Cuomo Calls for Infrastructure Hardening, Action on Climate Change

In his State of the State Address on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for a series of measures to safeguard New York’s infrastructure during future severe weather events and adapt to a changing climate. Continue reading

Severe Weather Prompts Utilities to Revamp Preparedness, Recovery Planning

As New York, New Jersey and neighboring states continue the arduous process of rebuilding from Superstorm Sandy, there is a growing acknowledgment among the public that the near future could bring more extreme events. Amid this new landscape, utilities have come under increasing pressure to respond faster to the extended power outages that have occurred after Sandy and other recent severe storms. Continue reading

New Jersey Officials Examine the Costs and Benefits of Storm Preparedness

NJ hearing photoAs the process of assessing the scope of damages from Superstorm Sandy moves forward, one of the confounding issues for policymakers and emergency responders is the sheer level of uncertainty inherent in even the best-informed efforts to safeguard critical infrastructure from damages. Continue reading

Superstorm Sandy’s Impacts and Implications for the Northeast

Since being pummeled by what climatologists are calling a one in multi-century event, the New York-New Jersey area has been the site of many programs analyzing Superstorm Sandy’s causes, effects and policy implications. Central to the presentations and discussions has been the question of Sandy’s significance for the future.  If what we now consider a rarity becomes more frequent in the future, what should state and local governments do to protect lives, infrastructure, and their economic health from extreme weather events? Continue reading

New England’s Support for Distributed Generation and the Electricity Grid of the Future

As multiple states stagger under the effects of superstorm Sandy, and many Northeasterners vividly recall Tropical Storms Irene and Lee and the freak October blizzard of 2011, prolonged power outages are among the most challenging repercussions for those in afflicted areas. One type of protection against widespread outages can be offered by a less centralized grid, with distributed generation of electricity providing localized power resources that could ride out a storm more successfully. Continue reading